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GAA Season Consultancy

GAA Season Consultancy

GAA Season Consultancy


iGAACoach Season Consulting

What do you get:

Workshop: Private online workshop with your management team so we can discuss your specific needs and build a full top to bottom season plan for your team for 2022

Periodic Season Planning

- Pre Season 

- League

- Championship

Principles of Play

How do you wish for your team to play in 2022 and how do you build your sessions around that, what style will your team have?

Strength & Conditioning

- How will you assess your players fitness levels

- How or who will formulate a gym program

- Will your conditioning be isolated running or will you try to achieve it within your games design

- Have you injured players, how will you manage their needs

- Whats you plan for Pre Season,League,Championship

Performance Analysis

Video: Have you access to video ? What video analysis package will you have , whats the budget, what access have players, how best can you use what you have.

Stats: Have you access to a stats package (NacSport, Sportscode etc) How do your present your stats, is it just team or player

KPI's: What Key Performance Indicators have you set and why, re they specific and relevant to your team and what you want from them?

Player Monitoring: Have you players away from home, are they playing other sports, do you use monitoring like Actimet etc?

GPS: Have you access to GPS, if not is there a budget, whats the best option to choose, are they useful to my team?

Backroom Team Planning

- Whats your set up (Manager,Coach,S&C,Physio,Stats,Video etc)

- Who does what (Coaching, session planning, systems of play)

- What the roles at training (cones,bibs,equipment,coaching,management)

- Clear vision from Manager-Coach-S&C

- Player Liaison

Session Planning

- Games Based Approach or Linear Drills

- Isolated Running or Conditioning Games

- Skills Development

- Themes of each session

- Planning from your start date back to pre season

- Always plan with your principles of play in mind

- Templates, Feedback, Plan-Do-Review